Sunday, 8 February 2015


The 9 Websites Listed Below are a mixture of Twitter Tools e.g. Tweepi (Mass follow/unfollow tool – Helps gain followers) and Twitter Monetization e.g. Sponsored Tweets (A way in which you can earn money tweeting advertisers messages!). I have made money using these sites and I still am.


1. – Sign up and Tweet advertisers messages for an amount you select.

2. – A Tool in which you can mass follow/unfollow twitter users, great for gaining more followers.

3. – Follow people very quickly and many of the other twiends users you follow, follow you back instantly.

4. – my likes is one of the biggest monetization tools. Post advertisers messages to gain revenue per click.

5. – Tweet Scheduler, schedule any amount of tweets in which will tweeted at the selected future time.
6. – essentially the same as just a slightly different layout and you may get less oppurtunities.

7. – Revtwt is like mylikes as you get to choose and post different messages however you get an alotted amount of money.

8. – shorten a URL you select then post it on twitter, you shall get money for each click on your link.

9. – All around twitter stats tool. View your followers, tweets, retweets, unfollowers all on this ONE website.

Hope You Enjoy Using These Websites To Monetize Your Twitter,